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Picture this: your very own greenhouse made for cultivating any greenery of your choosing. That is where our Grow Houses come in! Our grow houses can range from your own small luxury greenhouse up to an industrial greenhouse made for commercial uses. On top of this, your turnkey units can be delivered to any designated location and designed to your liking.

Use our own in-house designs or customize your own requirements. The combination of our affordable houses and state-of the-art grow technology produces the highest crop yields to give our clients the best possible outcome in the fast-growing field of industrial and luxury greenhouses.

Ask our in-house experts on growing techniques to achieve the best results!

Starting from

Maximum Yield Grow Facility

Starting from

High Cube 40 foot shipping container 8 feet deep and 9.5 feet high (Expansion by adding additional units).

Maximum Yield Grow Facility

Starting from

40 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9.5 feet high

Starting from

40 feet long x 8 feet wide x 9.5 feet high

Maximum Yield Grow Facility


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